7z Password Recovery

The IT solution to recover 7zip password within the least possible time with alphabetical, numerical, alphanumerical, and symbolic type of password.

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PassFixer 7Z Password Recovery Characteristics

The introduction of PassFixer 7z Password Recovery Tool has resolved all the issues related to unzipping of locked 7z archive file and questions like “how to open password protected 7ZIP file?” . All variations of possible passwords, in any language are completely recoverable.

  • Recover 7Z Password with any sort of character- numeric, alphabetical, or symbolic
  • Three recovery methods logically integrated to unlock 7Z file with complete certainty
  • Handy solution for 7Z as well as 7ZIP password recovery
  • Single control panel to boost up the end user convenience
  • Adjust the restoration method on demand to speed up the process to recover 7Z file password
  • No password specification needed beforehand
  • Totally compatible with all Windows editions
  • No maximum limit on the length of the retrievable password string
  • Added advantage of freeware edition for users
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  • The demo version enablea user to get back first 3 characters of 7Z/7ZIP password.
  • Anytime, anywhere delivery via e-mail.
PassFixer for 7Z

The safest method to unlock 7z file

PassFixer for 7z Software facilitates 7z archive file users to extract data from password protected 7Z or 7ZIP compressed file. This utility is efficient to break any strong security key without making any single change in the entire file.

Eases all the problems related to 7z or 7zip archive file protection. It provides best results with all types of .7z configurations. This includes 19.x, 18.x, 17.x, 16.x, 15.x, and other lower variants

No restriction on the size and number of the 7ZIP file. Any additional tool or technical knowledge is not needed as prerequisite.

recover 7z file password

Readily available smartest tool to get back 7z file password

.7z or .7zip file can be spontaneously detected by the software resulting in speedy 7 zip file recovery. The most appreciated part is the fact that this tool can support UNICODE character set and hence multi-lingual 7z password can be restored with precision.

Tested, scanned and claimed as the "clean" and safe from malware, adware, and spywares

Brute Force Attack Best

To ensure security, 7z files are encrypted with different combinations of passwords. Brute force attack can recover forgotten 7Z file password including characters like uppercase alphabets, lowercase alphabets, numbers, and also special characters. No details of the password are needed as prerequisite.

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Mask Attack Best

If some characters are known such as Suffix and Prefix, then Mask Attack can boost up the process to recover 7zip file password inclusive of all combinations from set of the characters constituting numerical, symbolic, and alphabetical (a-z, A-Z) characters. The estimate of password length can be set

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Dictionary Attack Best

Dictionary attack can open password protected 7z zip file by using .dic file containing all possible passwords like English words, phrases, variations and common passwords. Customization in .dic file with list of all probable permutations is available to get back lost 7ZIP password speedily.

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The key specs to 7z Password Unlocker

Windows and user friendly for 7z file password recovery

Microsoft Windows and User Friendly

All variants of the Microsoft Windows OS performs smoothly with PassFixer for 7z Tool, inclusive of latest one- Win10, 8, 7, and others. The design of the tool is framed in such a manner that makes it the tool with best user experience.

Preview of 7ZIP password recovery

Live Preview of 7Zip file Recovery

The restoration process of this 7z Unlocker is shown on the display screen. This lets the user know the status of recovery. This tool can function in background which allows doing other task without interruptions due to this tool.

Save 7z password in clipboard after the process of breaking 7z file password

Save 7z password in clipboard

After the termination of the entire procedure to unlock 7z file, the user can keep the copy of the protection key in the clipboard. This eases up the confusion between similar looking characters and enables to use it in future.

Unlock 7z file password with UNICODE characters

UNICODE support to unlock 7z file password

7z Unlocker is equally consistent with UNICODE character encoding. This indicates comparability of password composed with any type of character. This involves English and Non English characters for numbers and alphabets.

 preserve 7z file data after 7zip file recovery

Preserves internal 7Z file data order

7z file Password Recovery Tool accurately keeps the folder and sub-folder structure during and after the restoration process. Each bit of internal 7ZIP archive file remains constant after opening locked 7z file.

open locked 7z file within three steps

Extract locked 7ZIP file in 3 steps

Brilliant and simple interface to unzip locked 7ZIP file in just 3 steps by recovering password which is stopping 7Z file from extraction. Non-technical users can recover 7z file password without any assistance.

100% guarantee of 7z password recovery

100% sureness of 7Z password recovery

Get guarantee of 7ZIP file password recovery with complete security without effecting its original structure. Restorable password can be specified as alphabetic (uppercase and lowercase), numeric, symbolic, & alphanumeric

break 7z file password

Break long and complex 7ZIP archive file password

The 7z Unlocker allows supportive environment to recover 7z file password with lengthy and complicated passwords with friendly user-interface. No limit exists related to length of password and can be recovered successfully.

Locate 7z file to recover 7z password

Locate .7zip or .7z file automatically

Maximum users got confused about their data location to unlock 7z file password, so this excellent function detects all the 7z files in that location. This feature reduces efforts from users' and locate files with extensions- .7z and .7zip.

What our most valued clients say about this 7z Password Unlocker
My heartiest thanks to PassFixer for this ZIP file Password Recovery Software. It helped to get back my 7zip password and unzip it successfully. Keep the spirits high!
7zip password recovery user's review

Paul Lavigne

Recently I tried this tool to recover 7zip file password, and luckily it retrieved the password on time. I am really grateful to PassFixer for saving my time and fixing password related issues of my 7zip archive file.
7z file password recovery user's review

Henry Jenkins



Surely yes, you can recover password with any types of character from 7z file consisting numeric, alphabetic, symbolic or any combination.

The method to unlock 7ZIP file password is quite simple with this tool. Just follow the given steps.
  • Install and open PassFixer 7ZIP Password Recovery Tool
  • Select locked .7z or .7zip file from the local location of the desktop and proceed
  • Choose any recovery method from the given three and select the options according to preference
  • Initiate 7z password decryption by clicking on "Recover" button and wait for the accomplishment of the process.

Actually free 7z Unlocker is demo and allows the user to view only first three characters of the password.

No, nothing extra is needed with this tool. This tool can unlock password protected 7z file independently.

Any one from the given three(Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, & Dictionary Attack) can be chosen. Most of the people go with Brute Force Attack for completely unknown password and mask attack if possible password can be estimated. But you can try according to your choice.

Regretfully, right now this tool can work fine with only Windows based OS. We are working on other editions as well and will be updated after complete development.

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