Aadhaar Card Password Remover

The most preferred way to remove e-Aadhaar Password forever effortlessly in a short period of time

remove Aadhaar card PDF password

Specifications of PassFixer Aadhaar Card Password Remover

Aadhaar card Password Remover is developed with an aim to remove password protection from the Aadhaar card PDF so as to unlock all the restrictions of encrypted file. This makes sharing or modification of Aadhaar easy.

  • Remove any type of password string from e-aadhaar
  • One click, instant process
  • Simple User Interface for Aadhaar Card Password removal
  • Unlocks restriction like printing, copying and customization
  • Surety to remove password in a couple of minutes
  • Save Aadhaar card in a new file
  • Performs well with all editions of Microsoft Windows.
  • No maximum limit on the number of usage
  • Provision of 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free Aadhaar Card password Remover is presented in the form of trial version
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  • The demo edition allows the user to remove the password and generate new e-aadhaar card with wa watermnark
  • The delivery of the tool is provided via email instantly
PassFixer Aadhaar Card Password Remover

Complete assurance to remove password from Aadhar/Aadhaar Card

The working mechanism of PassFixer Aadhaar Card Password Remover is advance ensures to remove and unlock Aadhaar PDF password permanently. This password can include any type of character and any number of characters.

Single and independent tool and comes in handy when Aadhaar Card is to be shared among many people.

As Aadhaar Card contains sensitive information about identity, it must be protected by password. This tool can virtually remove password from 256 bit encrypted Aadhaar Card PDF file.

remove password from e-aadhaar card

Smart User interface for best user experience

The Simple and single control panel in plain GUI is offered with this tool. Hence the user does not require any technical information or training to operate and manage this tool.

Internal e-Aadhaar Card information is retained as original copy without any changes

Unlock File Modification

Get the option to modify Aadhaar after removing the encryption from the e-Aadhaar card.

Enable e-Aadhaar Card Printing

Get you Aadhaar card on paper after removal of password from it.

Copy data from Aadhaar PDF

Copy all the information from Aadhaar to a different file on choice.

The most marvelous key-features of this Aadhaar PDF Password Remover

Remove password from e-Aadhaar password

Instant way to remove e Aadhaar password

The password of the Aadhaar PDF file can be removed permanently on a single click right away without taking too long. The duration of password removal is not biased on the file size or password's length.

save aadhaar card in new PDF file after aadhaar card password removal

Save unlocked Aadhaar card in separate file

After unlocking the Aadhaar PDF file, you can avail the option to save the file in a new .PDF (without any protection) file. This opens up the options to keep both the copies of Aadhaar card with yourself.

No alteration of Aadhaar details

No alteration in e-Aadhaar card

No need to worry about internal data of the file as not a single bit of data is modified throughout the process. Hence one gets original e-Aadhaar card as well as the newly saved file as the original copy.

get complete access to the locked Aadhaar PDF

Complete access to Aadhaar PDF

The tool enables user to remove encryption from Aadhaar card and provides complete authority to access all the permissions of the Aadhaar Card PDF file constituents like - editing, printing, and copying.

Windows compatibility of Aadhaar Password Remover

MS Windows friendly

The tool is developed in such a manner that all MS Windows users can perform Aadhaar Password removal without any halt. All latest editions are also equally workable including Win10, Win8, Win7, WinXP, and other similar adaptations.

remove password from aadhaar card

Remove Endless Aadhaar card file password

No definition or maximum number of Aadhaar PDF password is set and hence provides the privilege to the user to remove password from Aadhaar, 'n' number of times with same consistent speed.

What our most valued clients say about this e-Aadhaar Card Password Remover Software
Thanks PassFixer for this application! It proved to be a quick fix as I have to upload my Aadhar card on some government website but as it was encrypted, I was not able to upload it there. This tool helped to remove encryption from my Aadhaar PDF and later on I was able to upload it on that website.
Aadhaar Card Password Remover user's review

Jay Prakash Gupta

Really helpful application. When I was downloading demo of this tool, I thought it will not work, but removed the password in a second. Even I got the optyion to save Aadhaar card as new PDF file.
E-Aadhaar Card Password Remover user's review

Andrew D'Souza



The simplest and clear answer to this question by using this Aadhaar Card Password Remover Tool. All you have to do is to follow these steps:
  • Download and install this tool for free from above
  • Open and browse for the Aadhaar card (extension .pdf)
  • Then provide password of that e-Aadhaar card
  • Click on remove permission and restrictions and proceed.

This tool is fully functionable on Windows paltform right now. So you won't be able to use it on a different OS.

With free editions, you have the option to remove password and unlock PDf restriction. But a watermark will be present in the resultant.

Only a couple of seconds are required to take off the password from the locked PDF file.

No, this tool can independently take out password from Aadhaar PDF without much efforts from the user.

In case, due to any reason the tool does not provide satisfactory results then you can convert directly via live chat option on the website or email your concern to support[@]passfixer.com. Your issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

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