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How to Extract 7z file Without Password?

Do you forget the password of your 7z file? If that’s the case then you are definitely unable to open and view the data store in the 7z file. If you like to access the data you need to know how to extract 7z file without password. And in this scenario, we will assist you by giving the useful techniques in this blog post.

7z file format is very popular among users. If you like to manage multiple files and folders in a single 7z it’s being a very easy task. Many experts and organizations still prefer to work with 7z to manage multiple folders. You can compare the 7z file compression capability it is better than formats like Zip, ISO, and RAR. Plus 7z has higher security compatibility users can protect their files by giving passwords.

By securing a 7z file with a password you can protect your files from getting viewed by anonymous persons. But the main problem starts when you forgot the password which is used for securing the 7z file. You can not extract 7z file without password manually that’s why below I shared the automated technique that will help you out.

Users Query

A few months ago I received a 7z file from my client and I forget to open the file at that time. Recently when I tried to open 7z file to view the data it was asking for a password. And my client forgot the password can you guide me so I can extract 7z file without password.

Automated Solution to Extract 7z file Without Password

As we already shared above that accessing 7z locked file without password is not possible through manual approaches. For this task, you need the help of a professional tool which is PassFixer for 7z Password Recovery tool.

Don’t go with the manual methods available on the internet that claim to restore 7z password. All these manual methods are fake they can even gather out information of file for misuse.

By using the PassFixer 7z Password Recovery tool users can identify the protected password within very little time. No matter what the size of your password is the tool algorithms are capable to restore it. Once a user knows the password through the tool they can extract 7z file.

Below I have divided the whole process into 2 phases just follow the step carefully for file extraction.

Phase 1- Recovering forgotten Password

  • First open the PassFixer for 7z Password Recovery tool on machine.
  • In startup screen do the selection of 7z file you liked to extract.
  • When you choose the file software asks for recovery method. Choose any single method according to your ease.
  • Tap next and give all the settings if asked. And click recovery to start the password recovery task.

Now you have successfully been able to restore the password now let’s move to Phase 2.

Phase 2- Extracting 7z File

  • Go to your system Windows Explorer and go the location where 7z file is located.
  • Now select and right click the protected 7z file > select 7zip option.
  • Tap on Extract Files/Extract Here option.
  • Now the extraction process gets started.


Most users compress their multiple files into a single 7z file to manage their data easily. Plus for data protection, they give passwords to this 7z file. So without knowing the password the extraction of the 7z file is not possible. Therefore you should download this PassFixer 7z Password Recovery tool to recover passwords and perform the extraction task.

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