How to Recover Forgotten 7z Password

How to Recover 7z file Password? Instant Technique

Last updated: September 16th, 2021 at 10:41 am

Compressing a file and folders in 7z archive file is the most valuable technique for decreasing large-sized files and saving space in local drive. While archiving files in 7z users can also lock a 7z file at the same time to maintain sensitive information. But when a user forgets the 7z password this becomes a huge problem. Especially when it is necessary to see some important data from 7z File. Now a question arises “how to recover 7z password”.

Advanced Method to Recover 7z file Password

The most reliable solution to recover 7z file passwords is using automated software like- Passfixer 7z Password Recovery software. With this tool, users can simply make the password recovery process with smart steps. It offers three advanced strategies to recover 7z file passwords including- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, & Dictionary Attack.

How to Recover 7z file Password using 7z Password Recovery Tool of PassFixer?

  • Download PassFixer 7z Password Recovery Software and Open it on your machine.
start up screen of 7z password unlocker tool
  • Click on Add 7z file to add the locked .7z file from its location in the software.
The list of 7z password recovery methods
  • Choose any one option from the above-mentioned password recovery techniques:-

    1) Brute Force Attack:- Recover lost 7z password of any character combination like- Alphabets, numerical, symbolic, or alphanumeric characters.
    2) Mask Attack:- Best method to recover lost 7z password if you have knowledge of some character of your password
    3) Dictionary Attack:- To recover lost 7z password with an inbuilt dictionary of this software
The list of 7z password recovery methods
  • Press the “Start” button to recover lost 7z file password and wait for the completion of the task.

After making the 7z password recovery copy the password use it to unlock 7z file easily.

Outstanding features of PassFixer Password Recovery tool:-

  • Unlimited Recovery of forgotten 7z file Password:- There is no restriction on file size or password length for making 7z password recovery. Recover any type of password arrangements like- uppercase (A to Z), lowercase alphabets (a to z), special characters ($@%#) or numeric letters (0 to 9), etc.
  • Easy to use graphical interface:- The graphical user interface of this software is very clean and easy to access. This becomes beneficial for a new user that has no previous technical knowledge.
  • No data mishandling:- During the recovery process, the software will never touch the inner data of the 7z file. While making the process of 7z file password recovery and preserves all data and bever makes any changes without premission of user.
  • Brute force attack:- You can use the brute force attack method to recover the lost 7z file passwords. This technique functions on mathematical probability theory. Users can crack any combination of characters with this brute force technique of this software without facing any kind of problem.
  • Mask Attack method:- You can assign the mask attack method if you have any hint of the prefix or suffix part of your password. By using this technique you can easily recover the unknown charters of your password. This reduces the time for recovery of the password. This is the most reliable and fastest method to open the 7z file among the three attack modes.
  • Dictionary attack:- If you have protected your 7z file with a password that is available in the dictionary, then you can try the dictionary attack. It is beneficial for password recovery. The software has offered its own dictionary file that has more than 30000 and above word varieties.
  • Compatible with Windows-based OS:- 7z file password Unlocker tool can accomplish flawlessly on all Windows-based OS (except Windows mobile) including its latest versions- MS Windows 10, MS Windows 8, etc.
  • Save obtained password in the clipboard:- After 7z file Password Recovery user can copy the extracted password in a single click with its copy to the clipboard feature. Copy the recovered password and simply put it in on your 7z file to easily unlock & open it.


Opening an encrypted 7z file without a password is not easy, because this user needs to make a password recovery process. Now to perform the password recovery process now becomes easier with PassFixer 7z Password Recovery Software. With this single solution, a user can rapidly recover lost passwords to again open 7z files without using high-level technical skills.

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