How to Recover Access Database Password?

Are you looking for an easy solution to recover lost password of MS Access database file?” In this the case, then we want to tell you that, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here, we’ll show you How to Recover Access Database Password? So, just read the entire blog and learn the complete process of recovering lost MS Access database password easily.

Every user in this modern era prefers saving their important data digitally on computers. MS Access is one of the applications that offer users the to create and manage their data with the most secure features.

Additionally while saving data in MDB or ACCDB files, MS Access also allows to protect them with a secure password. Various users take advantage of this feature of MS access and password-protect their Access database files.

However, users frequently forget or lose their passwords. As a result, they hunt for a simple way to recover Access database passwords.

So, now let’s see is it really possible to retrieve the lost access database passwords.

Smart Solution to Recover Access Database Password

Opening a locked Access Database file is possible if you have its original password. In case, if forget your password, you will face a problem opening the Access database. The only technique which will assist you in this situation is making recovery of lost password with an automatic solution.

You can take the help of this amazing utility named eSoftTools Access Database Password Recovery Tool. This tool has different features that make the access file password recovery process much easier. With the help of this software, you can recover the Access Database file’s password with some simple and easy steps.

How to Recover Access Database Password using Access Password Recovery Tool?

Follow the steps given below, to recover lost or forgotten Access database MDB file password:-

  • Download, install, and run the eSoftTools Access Password Recovery Tool on your Windows PC.
  • Select the Access option from the first screen and then hit the Next button.
  • Click the Open button and now add the password-protected Access database MDB file from its location.
  • Select the Access version and after that click the Recover button.
  • Software will now begin the password recovery process and display the password in a short time.

Put the recovered password to your Access database file and open and read your important data easily.

Advanced features of Access Password Recovery Tool

  • It has a user-friendly interface, so even a non-technical person can use it to recover a forgotten Access password.
  • Without the need of any addition software or program, users can usse this tool to recover Access database password.
  • Quickly and efficiently recover multilingual or difficult Access Database passwords of any character combination.
  • Furthermore, software support MDB  or ACCDB files of all MS Access edition incuding- 97/2000/2003/2010/2016 and oter updated editions for password recovery process.
  • Supports all Windows Operating System versions, both lower to higher editions (upto win 10 ).


There is no manual way to retrieve lost passwords of MS Access database files. In this case, you’ll need to use an Access Password Recovery tool. You may simply get the solution for your problem “how to recover an Access database password” with the aid of Access Database Password Recovery software. To get a quick knowledge about its working process try its demo edition now.

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