How To Recover Emails From Outlook PST File

How To Recover Emails From Outlook PST File?

Microsoft’s Outlook emailing program offers to its users to save users mailboxes in Outlook PST file. This PST file has all emails, appointments, calendars, and other information of users. In various cases, Outlook users have experienced accidental deletion of email items. But the question is it is possible to recover emails from Outlook PST files. If you are also a user who facing the same problem and want a solution, you will get yours by reading thisblog post.

MS Windows OS provides the facility to transfer the deleted items in Recycle Bin before making the permanent deletion. This function helps users to easily restore any accidentally deleted items from Recycle bin. Similarly, all versions of Outlook include a Deleted Items folder. If you accidentally delete emails, check for them in the Deleted Items folder. It is easy to recover lost emails from deleted items folder of Outlook from healthy PST files.

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Steps to Recover Emails From Outlook PST File from “Deleted Items” folder

Follow the below-mentioned steps one by one to recover deleted email messages which are available in the Deleted Items folder:-

  1. To begin the process, open MS Outlook and go to the Deleted Items folder.
  2. Select the emails you want to restore and then right click on it. Then select Move option and choose the folder where you want to move them.
  3. If you accidentally erased some emails from Deleted Items folder, you can also retrieve them. Simple hit “Recover items recently removed from this folder“.
  4. Next, pick the emails you want to recover and click on Restore Selected Items and hit on OK.
  5. Now again visit to Deleted Items folder to check the restored items and move them to desired folders.

By applying these steps user can easily recover their lost items from deleted folders from healthy PST files. But what to do if we don’t have access to Outlook profile or PST files?. In the next section, we will find the best answer for this.

How to Recover Email from Corrupt/Damaged Outlook PST files?

There are numerous frequent causes for damaged and corrupt PST files, by which users face the problem of accidental deletion of Outlook emails. If a user has the backup of their email items they can perform recovery easily.

But most individuals do not have the backup of their PST files and they are unable to access email messages and other mailbox objects. In this situation, the Passfixer Outlook PST Converter/Recovery program can assist you. It will allow you to easily repair and recover email items from damaged and corrupt PST files. 

In addition to recovery, it can also save the recovered items to new PST and various other file formats in simple clicks.

Recover Emails from corrupt PST File: Step-by-Step

  • Download and Launch Passfixer Outlook Recovery Tool and select the MS Outlook PST file radio button.
  • Select any one from the “Add Single PST file” or “Add Multiple PST file(Batch)” options to import PST files.
  • After file selection, click on Next to start the scanning process of PST files. Load all mailbox folders, including deleted items folder.
  • Check the preview of emails, contacts, calendars and other folder items and select required folder(in addition to deleted items folders).
  • After folder selection click on Convert button.
  • Choose the required file format from the conversion options list in which you want to save the recovered emails.
  • Select the detination path to save the resulted files and click on Convert button to start the conversion process.


Sometimes a user may accidentally remove essential data items from an Outlook PST file and then needs to recover them. As a consequence, we’ve covered manual processes to recover items from deleted items folders of Outlook. If a user tries to recover lost emails and other data from a healthy PST file, the manual approach will work.

However, if you have an inaccessible/damaged/corrupt PST file and need to retrieve lost emails, utilizing an Outlook PST Converter/Recovery Tool is the best option. It easily recovers all types of lost data items from a corrupted PST file without causing any data loss or harm.

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