Remove 7zip Password

How to Remove 7zip Password?

In a single 7z file you can save multiple files and folders of any big size. As this file contains larger amount of data information so their security is also necessary to protect data from the others. That’s why mostly users protect there 7 zip file with password but sometimes users forget their password.

The only way to remove 7zip password is to use PassFixer 7z password recovery tool. If you are thinking to use the manual approach then I like to inform you there is no approach for removing 7zip password.

Therefore in this article I will provide you automated approach that enables you to remove 7zip password. Also you don’t need to bothered about the working of tool. We will described all the working steps why and how to use PassFixer 7z password recovery tool.

Remove Password From 7zip File with Automated Method

This is the most appropriate method to remove password from 7z file by using the PassFixer 7z password recovery tool. It can easily be operated by any new unskilled user because of its User friendly interface. The tool supports the recovery of password of any combination either it is in character, numeric or alphabetic form.

You don’t need to bothered about the version of your Windows machine it can work on all Windows Operating system. Users can also avail the free demo version of this tool where it takes the capability to restore starting 3 letter of the 7z file password.

Below we divided the whole task in 2 phases. If you already know the 7z password you can start from phase 2.

Phase 1- Use 7zip Password Recovery Tool to Find the Password

After downloading the tool you can follow the below guide to remove 7zip Password:-

  • Open the tool and select the 7z file from Add 7z file button.
  • In the bottom section you’ll see 3 methods of recovering the password. Choose the method from you’re comfortable with it. And click start.
Remove 7zip Password
  • Select the settings according to your need and click OK.
brute force attack settings
  • The tool will take sometime to recover password. And display it on the screen.

Phase 2- Removing 7z Password

  • Choose the 7z file of which password you want to remove.
  • Right click on it and choose extract here button.
  • Put the password you received from phase 1.
  • After putting the password and click Yes > browse. After doing this you’ll be able to remove password.


Troubling with the process of removing 7zip password then this article described the best technique. With PassFixer 7z password recovery tool you can make the recovery of password of any combinations. You will get 24/7 customer support to resolve any query regarding the software functionality.

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