How to Remove Password From XLSX File in Excel 2007/2010/2013/2017/2019?

At the present time, most users prefer saving their important documents and data digitally. The Reason is digital documents are more reliable to access information and share. MS Excel application is also a program that allows users to save data in digital form. Excel offers to create spreadsheets for saving information in columns and rows of tables. Users can use an Excel file to store multiple kinds of information.

In addition to creating spreadsheets and saving data, MS Excel also provides the facility of securing files with password-protection. A user can encrypt Excel files with passwords to make secure their data from unknown persons.

This is a great feature of Excel but in case a user loses their Excel file password, it becomes difficult for them to access their important data.

If you are also a user who is in this situation, then with this blog post you can get your solution. Here we will describe the complete steps to Remove Password From XLSX File in Excel 2007/2010/2013/2017/2019.

Is it possible to Remove Password form Excel XLSX files

The answer is yes, but the condition is users must have their Excel XLSX file’s original password. So, firstly you have to recover the lost Excel XLSX file password. After recovering the lost password user can easily remove password-protection easily from Excel files. If you are thinking about how to perform recovery, then simply read the next section of this blog.

Instant Solution to Recover Excel XLSX File Password

You can perform Excel file password recovery with a simple and instant process using PassFixer Excel Password Recovery Software. With this amazing tool, users can recover the excel passwords of any character combination by applying some simple steps. It has three powerful recovery strategies including- Brute Force, Part Known, and Dictionary attacks to recover passwords instantly. A user can easily recover passwords of XLSX, XLS, XLSM, and other Excel file extensions easily. For recovery, it only requires an Excel file and performs the complete password recovery process with any other application requirement.

Take the help of this amazing tool and follow the below-given steps to securely recover your password as well as remove it from your XLSX files.

Step 1:- to Recover Excel file Password:-

Download & Install Excel Password Recovery Software to your computer.
Launch the software and hit on Browse to select/add a password-protected excel file.
Choose the recovery attack from Brute Force, Mask Attack (Known/Part Attack), & Dictionary Attack
Apply another setting like- character selection, adding known characters, or modifying dictionary files.
Finally, click on the Recover button to begin the password recovery process.

Step 2:- Remove Password-Protection from Excel XLSX files

Open your password-protected XLSX file in MS Excel- 2007/2010/2013/2017/2019
Put the recovered password to Excel file
Click on the File option from the menubar, then click on Protect Workbook option
Next, select the “Encrypt With Password” option and clear the field
Now hit on “OK” then press the Save button and Remove Password From XLSX File in Excel easily

Best features of Excel Password Recovery/Remover Software

Recover Excel forgotten passwords in simple steps with the fastest speed
Has powerful recovery strategies that allow recovering lost Excel file passwords to unlock Excel files immediately
In addition, the software allows to Recover MS Access & Word file Passwords at free-of-cost on every license.
Provides 100% guaranteed excel password recovery results.
With Dictionary attack software offers a dictionary file that contains more than 3000 English words to recover users’ passwords from it.
Also comes with a demo edition facility that allows recovering the first three characters of the lost excel file passwords for free.


Password is necessary to remove passwords from Excel XLSX files. So, users who won’t unlock their Excel file, firstly have to recover their lost password. A user can take the help of the PassFixer Excel Password Recovery tool for doing this task. After making password recovery they can simply remove passwords from Excel XLSX files. To know the software working process and checking functionality you can try its demo edition now.

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