RAR Password Recovery

The perfect solution to open password protected RAR file even if it is lost or forgotten.

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Peculiarities of PassFixer RAR File Password Recovery

The perfect solution to open password protected RAR file, without mentioning the password specification. All WinRAR archive users can recover lost RAR password in the least possible time through various logical recovery techniques. All types of password combinations comprising alphabets, numbers, and symbols are considered as recoverable.

  • Unlock any multilingual RAR file password
  • Recover forgotten password of encrypted RAR archive file
  • Uninterrupted performance with all editions of WinRAR:- including 5.x, 4.x, 3..x, 2.x, and 1.x
  • No maximum defined length to retrieve RAR password
  • 100% success rate to unlock RAR file
  • Detection of .rar file automatically
  • Set the parameters of recovery method on choice
  • Workable with all variants of MS Windows OS
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase
  • Free RAR Password Recovery edition offered by means of trial
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  • The demo version can recover first three characters of the RAR file password.
  • The delivery is provided via e-mail within a couple minutes on successful transaction
PassFixer for RAR

Three different advance algorithms to recover RAR password

Keeping information in small archive files is trending now-a-days as it can save a lot of space. The most popular file compressor is WinRAR which also allows its user to protect file with a security key. This PassFixer for RAR is utility tool to unlock RAR file password when the owner has lost it.

Passwords with characters of various different languages or script can be restored without any mistake. All character sets consisting Roman alphabets (A-Z, a-z), numbers, and symbols(@#$%^|-) are recoverable.

To execute and accomplish its objective of extracting data from .rar archive file this RAR File Password Recovery Tool is equipped with three proficient algorithms. Given below are the offered recovery methods:

  • Brute Force Attack
  • Mask Attack
  • Dictionary Attack
recover RAR file password

Complete assurance to unlock RAR password without password

This Software has enough capability to break WinRAR encryption algorithm which makes use of AES of 128 bits encryption technique. Passwords with any string length can be restored without interruption in between.

Tested on more than 15,000 password protected RAR files and functions smoothly with accuracy with all editions of RAR file including 5.0, 3.0, 2.0 and others can be restored

Brute Force Attack Best

WinRAR file Password with any type of characters can be restored without taking password specification into account.

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Mask Attack Best

This recovery method makes use of suffix, prefix and possible character set to retrieve RAR password more quickly than other password techniques.

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Dictionary Attack Best

Get back RAR password from all permutations in alphabetical sequence. The users have the opportunity to customize the list of possible password on their will

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Stunning key characteristics of RAR Unlocker Tool

Save RAR file password in the clipboard after restoration

Store obtained password in clipboard

The resultant of RAR file password recovery process can be saved in clipboard on a simple mouse click. This ensures that correct password is directly stored without a miss.

Unlimited RAR file password recovery

Unlimited RAR file Password Recovery

No restriction is present on the number of times of usage of this RAR Unlocker. So "X" number of password protected .rar files can be unlocked.

Compatiblity with Windows of RAR Unlocker tool

Compatible with Windows based OS

This RAR file Unlocker can execute flawlessly on all Windows based OS (except Windows mobile) including its latest versions- MS Windows 10, MS Windows 8, & so on

unlock RAR password easily

Easy to use method to unlock RAR password

The graphical user interface is arranged in single control panel describing the steps that should be followed. This becomes helpful in assisting technically unaware users with the status of restoration displayed on the screen.

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Safe tool to recover and unlock RAR file

Completely clean & safe tool

RAR File Unlocker is verified as clean by all the reputed anti-virus and online security checkers. As an assurance of safe password retrieval, 30 days money back guarantee is proposed to licensed users, if the result is unsatisfactory.

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Extract and open password protected RAR File

Extract locked RAR file

Using this WinRAR file Password Recovery Tool is a suitable choice to extract data from RAR file which is protected with a password. No restriction on the complexity of the password is applied for performance and thus proves to be a safer bet.

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Recover Lost RAR file password

Recover lost RAR password

RAR file password with unknown characters and length can be restored without taking much time. Any kind of password including alphabetic, numeric, symbolic, alphanumeric can be unlocked with the help of provided three recovery methods.

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No modification of data in RAR file

No data transformation

The internal information of the .rar file is retained as the original before, during and after the process of breaking RAR file password. All bits of data remains untouched and only correct RAR password is prompted on the screen.

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recover RAR file password with english and non-english

Recover English and Non-English RAR file password

Characters from universal encoding (UNICODE), are supported. This ensures recovering password including characters of English as Non English scripts. This includes all printable characters from the globe.

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What our most valued clients say about this WinRaR Password Recovery Tool
Nice application to unzip password protected RAR file when the password is unknow. Initially I was doubtful about its performance, but gladly this tool decrypted my RAR file password without password specification and displayd it on the screen. Thanks PassFixer!!
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Song Davier

I found this tool on a tech blog and when I tried this PassFixer for RAR file, I was truly amazed by the output. I simply saw my password dispalyed on the screen after the restoration process. Good job!!
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Dawn Louis

United Kingdom


  • Download for free and open this WinRAR Password Recovery Software.
  • Click on browse and choose your locked .rar from the local system,
  • Choose any one recovery attack from the given and proceed accordingly
  • Click on "Recover" button and wait for the completion of the task in the background

Yes, this RAR file Unlocker is fully designed to restore any password combination including alphabetic, numeric, symbolic, and alphanumeric. Just give a try to this tool once.

You don't need to worry about your data with PassFixer Tool. Each tool is developed keeping consistency of data in mind. Hence no data is modified after using any of the PassFixer tool.

You can actually restore first three characters of the password. But if you wish to remove complete password from RAR file then do go for full edition of this tool.

There is no approximate time which can be assumed for RAR password restoration. It totally depends on the strength and complexity of the password.

This is not possible to use this tool on OS platform other than Windows. We are still in development phase for other variants of this same tool.

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