Refund Policy

How to apply for refund and which are considered as valid refund requests?



PassFixer is the popular brand for password recovery and assures safe password retrieval through their developed software products. If in a unfortunate situation, the software application fails to provide the desired and promised results then a guarantee of refund is provided on each purchase bound by the following guidelines:

Our Recommendation for all users:

PassFixer always suggests the users to try FREE DEMO version of the software before buying the complete edition. Demo edition is available for free download as trial on the official website (

The user can request for refund when the trial edition has a feature is not available with full edition. But prior this, the user needs to discuss the issue with PassFixer’s technical support staff so that the issue can be resolved.

According to the situation, the technical support team may advise or ask to send the suitable file to PassFixer support centre through email- support[@] or through secure FTP transfer. This facilitates the technical support team to analyze exact root cause of the failure of performance of the tool and then later on a accurate solution is offered to the user. All the information of the user and his file is secure and is not shared with any other party in any situation. After resolving all the problems of the user, all the user’s files are disposed immediately.

In case if the technical support team of PassFixer cannot provide the solution for the problem then the support team will take the refund request forward to the sales team where this request to refund will be initiated and all the amount (excluding charges like TAX, commission, handling, shipping, etc.) is refunded to the user. The refund money appears in the user’s credit card account within 30 days of confirmation of refund request.


This AGREEMENT grants the below mentioned rights:

All the software is NOTE FOR RESALE. The user can not resell or transfer the product for value. The software product restriction on DE collection, disassembling, and reverse engineering No one has the right to reverse decompile, disassemble the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, with an exceptional activity which is totally permitted by the applicable law notwithstanding this limitation does not go against the favors of PassFixer.

Each software product is licensed as specific individual product or application. All the components and elements cannot be fragmented for usage on more than one computer without license permission.

Below given are the conditions which must be met for refund

  • The user can perform some task through a feature which is already present in the demo version but is missing in the complete version.
  • The PassFixer’s technical team is not able help the user with the problem of the user which was asked.

The conditions for which PassFixer does NOT hold any responsibilities:

  • Delay in downloading or communication
  • Misdirection or lost PassFixer email acknowledging purchased order
  • The official email from PassFixer is marked as SPAM by the email client application used by the user
  • Due to any reason, the downloading or the activation email is bounced by the sender or receiver email server
  • After the purchase and completing the task with it and at present the user no longer need the software
  • In case if the software was accidently processed and now the user is willing to remove it from his system
  • Any issue related to the way of operating the software after the purchase
  • If the purchased software is not workable with the current platform on which the user is using this software
  • Delay in the process due to weekend
  • The present machine of the user is not compatible with the basic requirements of the purchased software to get the desired output


    After 30 days of purchase, the refund CANNOT be claimed


  • In case if the software fails to provide an promised outcome and similarly other software present in the market is also unable to perform the same task, then the refund will be confirmed or proceeded. But if any other software can perform that task then refund is initialized.
  • Without trying the demo edition before purchase, refund can be requested
  • If PassFixer FTP server fails to get the upload of the file or the user is unable to upload his file in case of failure in the software.
  • If the execution of the software is performed partially successfully (at least 30%) by any of our software then also the refund request is not entertained.


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