PassFixer for MBOX Converter

Quick solution to Convert MBOX files of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, OperaMail, Google Takeout, Eudora Mail and 25+ other email application into Outlook PST file and numerous other formats with ease.

Product MBOX Converter

Features of PassFixer MBOX Converter Software

  • Easy solution to convert single or multiple MBOX files into numerous file formats.
  • At a single time convert unlimited MBOX files with no restrictions.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird profile or MSF/MBOX files from default location.
  • Preview emails with attachments from MBOX files before conversion.
  • Convert MBOX to PST and easily save multiple MBOX folders to single PST.
  • Also, supports to create separate PST file to save each MBOX folder individually.
  • Option to Convert MBOX to Lotus Notes NSF files with complete email’s data.
  • Save emails separately from MBOX files to EML, EMLX, MSG, and HTML file format .
  • Allows to directly Import MBOX files to Office 365, Gmail, YahooMail,, and IMAP Server Accounts .
  • Has the ability to Export MBOX Mail folders selectively to all convertible formats.
  • Provides advanced "Mail Filter" and “Naming Convention” features for users ease.
  • Supports to convert MBOX files with .mbox, .MSF, .MBX, .MBS file extensions.
  • Convert MBOX files of Thunderbird, OperaMail, Eudora, Apple Mail & all other supported applications.
  • Works on all editions of Windows O/S including Win11, Win10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and below versions.
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  • Download Free Demo:- Export 25 items from MBOX file to each convertible formats with no charges.
  • Quick and secured delivery through e-mail.
PassFixer for MBOX Converter

Export / Convert MBOX into 9+ file formats

The MBOX Converter Software is designed by PassFixer for users who requires to Convert/ Migrate from MBOX supported email clients to Outlook PST, Lotus Notes NSF, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra TGZ, etc. The software supports MBOX, MBS, MBX, MSF files of 25+ email clients for conversion.

The software for MBOX Converter tool provide's 9-different types of conversion options to users to choose and convert MBOX files. These options are- MBOX to Outlook PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, Lotus Notes NSF, MHTML, Zimbra, and direct import to Thunderbird email client.

The software supports single as well as batch MBOX file conversion.

3-Options to choose MBOX files-

  • Select Single MBOX file
  • Select Multiple MBOX file
  • Select Thunderbird Profile

With no restriction software will convert all types of MBOX files and save the output files to user’s specified location after conversion.

MBOX Converter

Additional Benefits of using Passfixer MBOX Converter:-

Convert All Types of MBOX files Superb

With PassFixer MBOX file converter, users can securely convert MBOX files which is obtained from all supported application. MBOX, MSF, MBX, MBS files of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, etc all are supported by the software for MBOX conversion

Open/View MBOX Files Best

In addition to MBOX conversion, the software also provides the facility of opening MBOX files for free. The software allows to access all MBOX file's inner data and preview their emails without any additional software installation requirement.

Import MBOX files to CloudBest

Now users can also move their Mail folders from MBOX files to Cloud email application with the help of this smart program. Software help users to eaisly transfer or import MBOX files to Office365, Gmail, G-Suite, YahooMail, web client, and IMAP Accounts.

All Smart Features of PassFixer MBOX Converter Software

Convert unlimited mbox files

Convert Unlimited MBOX Files

PassFixer MBOX file converter is specially made for converting unlimited MBOX files with no restrictions. It has several smart features to make conversion process easier. Users can use this tool to Export/Convert MBOX files into 9+ conversion formats and 5+ different cloud mail applications.
Bulk convert mbox files

Convert MBOX in Batch Mode

The software provides facility to convert a single MBOX as well as can convert MBOX files in batch mode. In a single process the software allows to add a folder containing multiple MBOX files to open it and export or convert all of them into convertible formats at once.
select mbox file

Multiple File Selection Options

Has different options to load MBOX files:-
  • Select File:- Manually select and add a single MBOX file.
  • Select Foldder:- Select a folder containing multiple MBOX files.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile:- Load Mail folders of Thunderbird profile automatically.
preview mbox emails

View MBOX files

This software also works as a free MBOX viewer tool. It offer users to view/access all mail folder elements from MBOX file. Before conversion firstly software shows emails with their complete properties and attachments in its preview panel. The preview of MBOX files makes users satisfied with what they get from the software in output.
convert mbox to outlook pst

Convert MBOX to PST files

Software has the ability to Convert MBOX to PST with two different options:-
  • Create Single PST For All MBOX :- For saving multiple MBOX files data/mail folders to single PST file.
  • Save MBOX Folders to Separate PST:- Create Separate PST files Save folders from MBOX file individually.
Export mbox emails to separate files

Save MBOX Emails to EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML

The software has multi kinds of conversion options for MBOX files and these are- convert MBOX to EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, and MHTML files. User can easily extract MBOX files into these formats with one clicks.
Conver mbox to nsf file

Convert MBOX to NSF Files

PassFixer for MBOX Converter Software also offers to Convert MBOX to NSF files for Lotus Notes. Users can easily perform MBOX Conversion and save Mail folders to new Lotus Notes NSF files. It saves the entire mail folders from different MBOX files to single NSF files. After Conversion users can directly import and access NSF files with any edition of Lotus Notes application.
export selective mbox folders

Export Selective MBOX Folders

MBOX Converter of PassFixer allows users to select and add multiple MBOX folders. Users can preview inner items from MBOX file to make selection of required MBOX folders. After selection, the software the software convert MBOX files with only selected folders.

maintain data integrity from mbox

Maintain Data Integrity

The software performs MBOX file conversion process with ease and security. While performing conversion, it never loses any data of users. Also, move mails from MBOX files with complete email information like- subject, dates, from, and other things.
mbox to office 365

Import MBOX to Office365

In addition to MBOX file conversion, the software also offers to upload MBOX files to different Cloud mail application. One of those cloud applications is Office 365. Anyone can directly import all their Mail folders from MBOX to Office 365 primary mailbox or custom new folder.
Import mbox to gmail

Import MBOX to Gmail

Users can directly move multiple mail folders from MBOX files to their Gmail/G-Suite account. The software will securely transfer all data from MBOX files to Gmail. The software will perform the MBOX to Gmail migration with maintaining complete email properties & data-integrity.
mbox to yahoo

Import MBOX to Yahoo

MBOX to YahooMail Migration is also possible with the assistance of this smart solution. With simple steps users can upload unlimited MBOX files/folders to their YahooMail account. Also, while migration the software provides “Mail filter by date” and “Log files creation” features.
save resultant file after mbox conversion

saving location

MBOX Converter also offers users to save converted files to user’s specified location. Before conversion users can choose a location from their drive to save resultant files after conversion. After conversion completion users will get all their new files to their chosen location.
Convert Encrypted PST

Mail Filtering By Date

Mail Filtering option of MBOX Converter is another one advanced feature of MBOX converter. Users can easily Export emails of some specific dates from MBOX files using this function. Users just need to select a “Start Date” & “End Date” and the software will automatically move the emails of chosen dates from MBOX.
supported email clients

Supports Multiple Email Clients

MBOX file of more than 25+ email clients/applications are workable in software for conversion process. With complete security and easy process you can Convert MBOX files of Thunderbird, Google Takeout, PocoMail, OperaMail, Eudora, Entourage, and more.
mbox support

Support & Compatibility

  • Both .mbox, MBX, MBS, MSF and other MBOX file types are supported by the software for conversion process.
  • The software is designed for Windows Operating system and a user can use it on Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & below edition.
free MBOX to pst converter

Free MBOX Converter Demo

Demo version of MBOX Converter is also offered by PassFixer for users who wants to first try the functions before purchasing it. Free MBOX Converter demo will allow users to View MBOX files and convert MBOX files into each convertible format with 25 emails for free.