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Ultimate and standalone tool to remove PDF password and decrypt protection to erase all the restrictions from the file.

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Attributes of PDF file Password Remover

The absolute way to provide solution to question like “how to remove password protection from PDF?”. PDF Security Remover provides opportunity to make changes in the encrypted PDF file without installation of any additional application. Any type of lengthy and complex password can be removed from .pdf file in a couple of seconds.

  • Auto detection of PDF file
  • Instant PDF password removal
  • Unlock all restrictions of locked PDF file
  • No limitation on the length of the removable password
  • Create completely accessible new PDF file
  • Comprehensive and user friendly
  • Supportable with all editions of Adobe PDF files, and Windows OS
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase
  • Free PDF Password Remover offered as Demo
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  • The demo variant of Adobe PDF file Password Remover can remove password and create new PDF file with a watermark.
  • The software is delivered via e-mail within a few minutes.
PassFixer for PDF

Removal of strong and Complex password from PDF file

PDFs are most popular way to keep data file, e-Books, invoices, etc. Due to sensitivity of the contained data, one may need to encrypt it with a password. This protect file from unauthorized access restricting some of the functionalities too like editing, printing, etc.

PassFixer for PDF enables to undo the encryption effect by removing password from PDF file and then generating a new PDF file without protection.

Any type of password with any number of characters can be restored without any doubt. This involves English and non-English characters. Also, alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic characters can be removed from the file within a few seconds.

remove password from PDF file

Remove Password protection from PDF file without data alteration

PDF File Password Remover is smart enough to remove protection and provide result without modifying the original file. Each and every data bit is retained as untouched and the newly produced PDF file is the exact copy of the locked PDF file.

Feasible option to remove password PDF password for all MS Windows users involving Win10, Win8, Win7, and other Windows based OS.

Enable Editing PDF file

Unlocks the limitation to edit the information in the PDF file on demand.

Print the locked PDF file

Provides the facility to print the encrypted PDF file on sheet.

Enables to copy PDF file

Copy the content of the PDF file in clipboard or any another file.

The remarkable key-features of PDF Security Remover

Automatic search of PDF file to remove PDF password

Auto search of PDF file

PDF file is located automatically by the software from the selected location of the local system. This quickens up the procedure to choose .pdf file from the huge list of different types of files.

Free PDf Password Remover Software

Free PDF Password Remover Tool

This tool can be utilized for free to completely remove password from PDF file. The freeware permits creation of PDF copy after password with watermark.

generate new pdf file after PDF password removal

Save the locked PDF file in new .pdf file

All the contents of the password protected PDF file are saved in a new PDF file. The new file remains as the exact copy of locked file without any security on it.

unlock PDF file restrictions by PDF Password Remover

Unlock all PDF restrictions permanently

All types of restriction due to encryption are removed from the file. This includes copying, editing and printing the file without any complication.

Windows compatibility of PDF Password Remover

Simply layout compatibility with all MS Windows OS

The functions are laid in such a manner that technical knowledge is not essential for operating. It is purely useable for all MS Windows OS based computers.

unlimited pdf password removal

Boundless PDF password removal

No limit is set for number of usage of this PDF Security Remover Software and thus as many passwords from unlimited PDF files can be removed with single tool.

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I hope that my feedback will help the people who are looking an option to remove password from PDF bank statement. PassFixer for PDF helped me to remove PDf password and print it for official purpose.
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Harvey F. Rudd

United States
There were some official encrypted PDF files which needed to be modified. So after looking for all options , I tried free PDF Passsword Remover. This tool provided me a PDF file without lock so that modification can be made. Thanks PassFixer for this fantastic tool!
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Matti Leminen



The method of password removal from PDF file is quite uncomplicated and does not require any addtitional application for required results.
  • Install and launch PDF Security Remover Tool for free.
  • Look for the PDF file from the local directory.
  • Provide the correct password to the file.
  • Click on "Remove" option and all the restrictions will be removed.

Certainly yes, you can print that encrypted PDF file after removal of password from it. just try this tool for free and then print the unprotected PDF file.

The entire procedure of wiping off password from the file takes a couple of minutes without considering the complexity of the password.

Presently this tool can work only with all Windows OS based computers. We are working with MAC variant and wilol notify about it soon.

Absolutely no. This tool can perform well independantly without any chance of failure.

This software comes with assurance of 30 days money back wherein the user can claim back his money on dissatisfaction.

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