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Secure method to recover MS Access password or unlock Access database with all the possible combinations. Access password recovery tool is capable to recover .mdb Access database file format.

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Quick glance on PassFixer Access Password Recovery features

PassFixer MS Access Password Recovery tool assures instant password recovery operation for lost and forgotten MDB file password. Despite of complexity of the password, retrieve password in a flash.

  • Recover complex MS Access Database password
  • Retrieve lengthy or multilingual Access database password
  • Easily unlocks password of MDB file extension
  • Provides option to copy the recovered password
  • Removes MS Access, Word document and Excel spreadsheet password
  • No password detail or specification is required
  • Supports all Windows operating systems- 10, 8, 8.1, 8.7. Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95
  • Compatible with MDB versions 2007, 2003, XP, 2000, 97, 95
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  • First 3 characters will be recovered in trial edition of Access Password recovery.
  • Software is delivered within 15 minutes & Weekend delivery is also available
PassFixer for Access

Execute quickly to remove and unlock Access database password

Self-sufficient and amazing utility to recover Access database password immediately. The tool permits to retains MDB database password including alpha-numeric, alphabetic, numeric, symbolic and all possible combination password. This tool can be utilized for restoration any complex password with any type of character including non-English characters in order to get back MS Access database password flawlessly .

Capable to recover lost password of Access, Excel spreadsheet and Word document password without any specification in hassle free way. Perfectly and effectively recover MDB password with support to ANSI and UNICODE characters.
Designed to work with all Windows and Windows-based OS of any version.

recover Access database password

Single click technique

With the help of advanced technology, the complete process to restore password hardly takes a few minutes on one single click. No specification of possible characters are required to unlock the Access file.

Three-in-one tool to recover password with optimum time.

Recover Excel file password

Simplest and successive tool to crack Excel file password including alphabetical, numerical, special character, and symbols. Accommodates maximum number of security parameters with three effective techniques.

Recover MS Word Document password

This password recovery tool has the capability to recover MS Word document password with different techniques. Furthermore, it retrieves the password containing upper case letters, lower case letters, number and symbols.

Recover Access database password

The Access File Password Recovery is designed with such a technique by which you can recover MS Access password having alpha-numeric, non-alphanumeric and non-English passwords without taking much time.

Prominent features of Access password recovery tool

unlock password protected Access file

Decryptes password protected Access password

Complete removal solution to break unlock Access database password which has been lost or forgotten by you. Smoothly remove and unprotect Microsoft Access password instantly.

Recover Access password of any specification

Recover numerous types of passwords

Powerful tool that ensures to recover various types of security codes with minimal time with multiple types of possible combination passwords without affecting the internal data of A ccess file.

Copy recovered Access file pasword in clipboard

Save password to clipboard

The software not only facilitates the user to unlock access database password, but also conserves the security key to clipboard. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to remember similar characters, so it will help to swiftly conserves password.

Break Access database password

Break complex Access password

Another helpful feature of Access Password Recovery is the fact that you can easily break and retrieve intricate Access password, involving various character sets containing alphabets(a-z, A-Z), numbers(0-9), symbols, and other printable characters.

Instant Access database password recovery

Instant Execution without password specification

Simple method to recover MS database password without having much technical knowledge within just few minutes. You can effortlessly run this program and restore the password without inputting its details and unlock access database files.

Unlock MDB file with lost password

Unlock MDB file with lengthy password

Capable to provide the security key of the locked MDB database file while not considering the length of the password. The tool is highly valuable to recover and remove Access password by maintaining all tables, attributes, tuples of the database.

Functions on Excel, Word and Access password recovery

Operates in Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word

Smoothly recover and open pasword protected files including MS Excel spreadsheet, MS Access database and MS Word document file in the least possible time. All variants of the mentioned files are equally compatible with this single tool.

Detect MS Access file (.mdb)

Auto detection of .MDB file from the selected location

Access password Unlocker has the capability to automatically detect .MDB files from the list of various data files present in the chosen location. This speeds up the process to input password protected Access file in the software for password restoration.

User Interface of Access Password Unlocker

Interactive user-interface

Excellent user-friendly interface that is flourished with distinctive features with detailed instructions. The software has plenty of advantages that ensures the users to work smoothly and recover access database password without any assistance.

What our most valued clients say about this Access Password Recovery Tool
My colleague protected the Access database file with a password due to security issues. Later on when I asked him for the password then he forgot and this created a problematic issue for us. At that time, one of my senior suggested PassFixer tools and when I tried it, I felt relaxed as the accurate password was displayed on my screen in a few minutes. Thanks to PassFixer!
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Kimberly W. Quinn

United States
As I have habit of forgetting passwords, this tool proved to a great deal. This single tool can recover passsword of my Excel worrkbooks, word files and Access database. Also the GUI seems to be really impressive and comprehensive. Kepp going that PassFixer!
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Stacie J. Guerrero



  • Surely, yes this software has the strong capability to recover alpha-numeric password

  • Yes, this software supports MS version 2016 to remove access database password and also latest versions.

Absolutely yes, this tool can restore any type of password, whether alphabetic, numeric, symbolic or alphanumeric.

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