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The simplest DIY trick to recover password from ZIP file with additional provision to unlock password protected ZIPX and WinZip archive file securely.

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PassFixer ZIP Password Recovery Features

A complete answer of “how to unlock zip password file?” is this standalone ZIP file Password Recovery Software. Well-planned and developed to restore lost password of ZIP, ZIPX and WinZip file. ZIP file Password with any type of string combination can be successfully recovered. This involves English alphabets, numbers, symbols, and characters of various other languages of the world.

  • Break password of archives like WINZIP, ZIPX and ZIP
  • Fully functional with AES encryption
  • Incorporated with three ZIPX password restoration methods
  • No limit on recoverable password length
  • Sure shot ZIP file recovery with any combination without password specification
  • Recover ZIP file password from all types of character sets- alphanumeric, numeric, alphabetic, symbolic, or any other printable char set.
  • Modify password recovery method according to own choice
  • Supports all Windows OS- Win10, Win8, Win7, and other Windows based machines
  • Availability of free ZIP Password Recovery Tool in the form of demo
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  • The trial variant allows the user to recover and view first 3 characters of ZIP/ZIPX/WinZip file.
  • Get instant delivery of the software through e-mail.
PassFixer for ZIP

Best ZIP Password Recovery Tool in Desktop Application

The utmost way to recover ZIP password without considering the specification of the password is by installing and utilizing PassFixer ZIP file Password Recovery Tool. It is developed and designed considering the expectation and requirements of potential user and hence provides simple user control with strength to unlock ZIP file with any type of difficult password.

Multi-programmed tool to recover WinZip password and ZIPX password in one single tool without any dependency on other application.

Large or small locked ZIP file can be unlocked in the least time possible with an option to recover ZIP file password endless times.

recover ZIP password

Multiple Smart and proficient Recovery algorithms induced

The solution to fix and recover lost forgotten ZIP file password with the fastest speed possible. The most common used algorithm used for encryption i.e. AES can be easily decrypted with the powerful attacks loaded in this single software. 100% assurance is provided to the break ZIP password on a mouse click.

Competent to smoothly function with lengthy string of password containing Non-English characters.

Brute Force Attack Best

Retrieve entire password of ZIP file with indexed sequential order so that every single possible password combination can be captured. The users have the option to customize Dictionary file according to their preferences.

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Mask Attack Best

To extract content of locked ZIP file, use this ZIP password recovery method and unlock the archive file without noting down the size. Suffix, Prefix & possible character set can be given by the user to speed up the process.

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Dictionary Attack Best

No restriction is put on the number of times to recover ZIP password. Thus, password unlimited ZIP, ZIPX or WinZIP files can be restored with any type of password involving numeric, alphabetic, symbolic, and alphanumeric characters.

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The most appealing characteristics of this ZIP Password Unlocker

recover zip password with unicode characters

UNICODE support with the best user experience

The user panel is designed in the most simplified way and this tool support all the character in the UNICODE encoding. Thus, password with NON-English characters can be smoothly recovered and unlocked by this ZIP file Password Unlocker.

zip/zipx/winzip password recovery

Windows , ZIP, WinZIP, and ZIPX compatibility

This software can be a optimum option for ZIP/ZIPX Password Recovery for all Windows users inclusive of all latest variants. Apart from .zip and .zipx files, it can recover WinZip password independently in the minimum time duration.

copy password after zip password recovery

Copy Output in Clipboard

The recovery status of the ZIP password decryption is shown on the screen and on accomplishment, the password is displayed with an option to copy it further in clipboard for future. The user can save it at their preferred location. This solves the confusion of similar looking characters.

unzip and unlock zip password

Unzip password protected ZIP file speedily

An effective method to recover locked ZIP file instantly with support for .zip encryption based archives in super easy way. It is convenient, to unlock large sized ZIP files rapidly. It manages to unlock ZIP file password in the least possible time.

recover zip file password without data modification

Get back ZIP password without data modification

Smartly recover ZIP password without manipulating internal archive file leading to data safety and targeted file in original form. It is built-in the simple interface which is completely free from any type of spyware or malware.

break zip password

Break any strong ZIP file password

Advanced password recovery software programmed to recover strong ZIP password that may contain numbers, symbols, or ABCs of any language. Expectedly, it has the ability to work against more complex combination passwords.

unlock zip file on single window

Unlock ZIP file on single window

Open password protected ZIP, WINZIP, and ZIPX archive in simple process manner in a single control window with detailed instructions at every step. This facilitates users to unlock ZIP file password without technical information .

identify zip file by zip password unlocker

Auto-identification of .zip/.zipx/.winzip files

To provide better experience with reliability, and .zip/.zipx/.winzip files are filtered from the chosen location automatically. This lessens up the efforts of the user to search the needed file from the heap of files.

preview while zip password recovery

Dynamic preview of the restoration process

Display status constantly at the time of ZIPX file password recovery. It lets the users to choose the option whichever is needed & can perfectly run in the background, helping user to perform other tasks simultaneously.

What our most valued clients say about PassFixer ZIP File Password Unlocker
Thanks PassFixer such useful utility to decrypt password protected ZIP file. It helped me to get back lost password of my .zip archive file which contained some official and confidential data.
zip password recovery user's review

Ralph M. Stephens

This ZIPX password recovery tool was advised by my friend and I am really grateful to him. This software saved a lot of time and restored the entire password even though my password was in Russian. Thank you PassFixer!
zip password recovery user's review

Yaropolk Bazhenov



The answer to this question is quite easier with PassFixer ZIP file Password Recovery Software. This is a third party tool which can automate the complete process and does not require much inputs from the user. Just open this tool and provide the ZIP/ZIPX/WinZip file and proceed with any recovery method.

The process to unlock ZIP password regardless of password specification is quite simple and does not require any additional source or technical knowledge
  • Download and install PassFixer ZIP Password Recovery Tool.
  • Choose required password protected ZIP file and proceed ahead
  • Select any type of password restoration technique to break ZIP password
  • Start the procedure by clicking on Recover button placed in the bottom of the panel.

This is a type of trial edition of PassFixer for ZIP. You can see the first three characters of the password with the utilization of this variant.

Even after giving ample time of password restoration, you are not able to recover your ZIP file password, then their may be a possibility that ZIP file is corrupted. But otherwise, in case of inefficiency of the tool, the use can claim refund of their money.

Any of the three given methods can be tried and ensures password recovery. But most of the users prefer Brute Force Attack for its simple implementation.

Well, at present this tool can work fine with all Windows based OS only. Development for other variants are under process.

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