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How to unlock 7Z file?


7z file is the file extension that almost looks like a single file but achieves more than one package and allows compressing multiple files or folders into a single file. Keeping a lot of important files or documents compressed inside a package file is important for you to save storage and maintaining its security. 7Z files may contain multiple directories or files, and 7z is just one of the many achieve file formats that are available.

The method of compressing the files is done by algorithm that reduces size file while preserving the quality. 7Z format provides the modular architecture that provides compression or conversion. However it has very high compression ratio through powerful compression algorithms and 7Z files makes it easier for users to download files from the web due to the reduced file size. However, most of the operating systems have built-in a way where they don’t have the option to open 7z file. But things become tricky when you can’t open the folders achieved in the 7z file and it becomes unable to access the important data.

Unlock 7z file to open and access its components

Don’t worry, we will guide you the easiest and fastest way to unlock 7z file in this situation. What should you do to unlock password protected 7z file. Just take it easy, because you can retrieve or recover lost or forgotten password from a locked 7z file without any difficulty by some given methods. But, the specialized third party tool will recover 7z file password effortlessly in the shortest time possible.

Three ways to unlock 7z file password

  • Attempt possible 7z passwords
  • Try the online 7z password unlocker
  • Use 7z password recovery tool to unlock 7z file

Attempt possible 7z passwords

The first method is very simple and you can try multiple combinations of usernames which can work in an efficient way to recover your password. We have listed some series of possible combinations of passwords that you can try to unlock your password. Let’s look at some background information based on custom dictionary that will provide some clues to the password.

  • First, guess some common passwords like 000, 001, 0.001, abcde, password123 and 012xyz.
  • Try some words from specific sources such as web sites
  • Grab all the names of your beloved ones, places, and birth dates
  • Use some of your favorite books names, male and female names
  • You can try your initials, account name, and other relevant personal information
  • Now, try spelling permutations and variations from the above words

Try the online 7z password unlocker

The technique involves some of the few websites that provides you the solution to unlock 7z password without any cost. But they need string internet connection throughout the process and have some limitations for password restoration.

Use 7z password recovery tool to unlock 7z file

If the password is still not recovered, then there should be possibility that your password is complex or compound. Because of the complex password, it may contain possible combinations, symbols, special characters, alpha-numeric as security keys. PassFixer 7z password unlocker is the efficient and easy platform to recover 7z password and open source technologies to re-open 7z file password. This application has extra feature to break the 7z password with three attacks: brute force attack, mask attack and dictionary attack. For the rapid recovery of your password, use this brilliant method to crack 7z archieve file password. Having simple interface it has 100% accuracy rate and cracks the password with powerful algorithms.

  1. Install and launch the 7z password unlocker

    Download and launch the software on your Windows. Start it and you find amazing and various types of features with detailed instructions. Then go for the first option and the next, where you will find the demo version that will allow you t open the first three character or letters of your password. Register for the application if you want to unlock your complete password.

  2. Choose 7z file in the system

    Open your password protected 7z file. Click “open” and choose an 7z file for the password recovery.

  3. Select the appropriate attack mode:

    There are three types of attack- brute force attack, mask attack and dictionary attack. Choose your attack type according to your password or you can choose brute force attack that will try all possible character combinations in the specified character set. Or you can choose mask attack if you have any clue of prefix or suffix of your password. If you have stored your character combinations password in self-created dictionary, then you can go with dictionary attack which is helpful for password recovery.
    If you have no idea which attack is best or helpful for you, keep the default option

    All the methods of 7z password recovery

  4. At last, click “Start” button to unlock the lost button of your 7z file
  5. When the 7z password is recovered successfully, the recovered password will displayed on your system.


So, whenever you forgot or lost the password of your your file then you try these methods to recover your 7z password. The third party is one best solution and time saving method that will unlock 7z password without creating any trouble.

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