Recover password with intelligency and data protection from various sources

Get complete series of password recovery tool including ZIP, 7Z, RAR, Excel, Access, Word, PDF, Outlook Express and many more.

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Get complete access to locked files by restoring the security key in a manner which is proficient for non-technical users.

Verified as Safe

All the software are labeled as safe by top reviewing organization and anti-virus tools.

No data manipulation

The information remains as the original throughout the process with an assurance of data integrity.

Advanced algorithms

Smartest and optimized algorithms are induced in each tool with testing on numerous files.

Simple User Interface

The plain layout of the user interface with all the utility options on one single panel.

Recover/remove passwords

Restore or remove password regardless of the length and complexity of the password.

Auto file detector

Locate the input file automatically from the directed location by the tool itself.

Anytime Anywhere support

Get resolution of the problems on one simple email (support[@] or via live chat without considering the location and time.

Delivery within minutes

Get the complete access to the product by activation key via email to save time just after completing the purchase transaction successfully

Free demo available

Each user is recommended to try free demo edition of the software and then go for the complete version on satisfactory results by the demo.


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