How to Open Password Protected 7zip file?

Last updated: May 21st, 2022 at 11:28 am

Are you looking for a solution for how to open a password-protected 7zip file? If your answer is yes, then do not stress because in this post we will explain the complete solution about how to recover forgotten 7z file password through an automated tool to recover lost 7z passwords, and its working process with features. So read this blog through to the end without skipping any portions.

7zip: 7zip is a fantastic application for compressing the size of files and folders in order to save space on our system hard disk. So, 7-zip files are used to store multiple files in one folder to save space on the computer system. 

Most of users protect 7z files with a password for their security. And always access/ decompress the files using their original 7z opening password. Sometime, users have lost or forgotten their passwords, making it impossible for them to open 7z files without the passwords. So, don’t worry about it, because I have the best software selection for you. In this situation, users should try the PassFixer 7z Password Recovery Tool.

Automated Solution to Open Password Protected 7z file

It’s a very complicated task to open password protected 7zip file. But you can instantly recover the lost 7zip file and open your 7zip file with PassFixer 7z Password Recovery Tool. It is one of the best automated tools in the industry for password recovery. The utility has high-level techniques that help to recover the lost 7zip password without losing any single bit of data. 

Methods to Open Password Protected 7z file

Brute Force Attack: This is the best method to recover your password because, by using this attack, users can find any type of password combination, such as uppercase, lowercase, numbers, alphabets, special characters, etc. 

Mask Attack: If you have any idea about your password, then you can add it in. It will help you recover your password quickly. So, you can find the lost 7-zip password easily by using this method.

A Dictionary Attack: With this method, you can get a dictionary file that is a collection of some common words, such as phrases, variations, English words, etc. That helps you find your lost password.

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Features of  PassFixer 7z Password Recovery Tool

  •  If a user creates a complex password, this software instantly recovers your password. Users can set the password range to quickly recover the lost 7z file password with the password promoter.
  • The 7z password recovery software recovers any type of strong password, including combinations of the alphabet, numeric, and special characters.
  • 7z Password Recovery Tool is completely risk-free for the user because it recovers your lost password without losing any single bit of data. This tool is 100% safe for users’ systems. It’s tested by various antivirus and scanners.
  • When the 7z password Recovery Tool recovers the lost 7zip password, the user can save the copied password to the clipboard with a single mouse click from the recovery wizard.
  • This amazing Tool also recovers any kind of password whether password in English or non-English language. Users can easily work and recover multilingual passwords in a few moments.
  • The utility has a single graphical interface so anyone can use it whether he is technical or not. It also operates with all versions of windows up to 10.

Steps to Open Password Protected 7z file

  • Download and install the PassFixer 7z Password Recovery tool.
  • Then pick up the locked 7zip file from their location.
  • Select the recovery attack from the given recovery method option.
All the methods of 7z password recovery
  • Then, click on the “recover” tab to start the recovery process.


In this post, we explained the complete solution to opening password-protected 7ZIP files with the automated PassFixer 7Z Password Recovery Tool. The utility offers a demo pack for all users, in which they can recover the initial 3 characters of a lost 7ZIP password. I hope this blog will be very helpful for all those users who want to open their password-protected 7zip files.

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